Hatfield-McCoy: Buffalo Mountain


Does anyone ride this trail system from this forum? I ride there myself and was wondering so maybe we could have a group get together and ride there. If not, no worries.

We ride most hatfield anytime is above 32 degrees and not raining.

We ride buffalo,rockhouse,bear wallow and little coal ,which btw is getting chewed up by timber cutting. we ride year round . Usually me and partner. Solo also but not recommended lol. Big country especially if u are solo. Always be prepared . One never knows. There is the system comprised of pinnacle,indian ridge,and pocahontas. Good place for beginners or dual sporters . Mainly geared toward quads and other low skill level machines. I can take my gsrden tractor on most of trails there,lol . There are countless outlaw trails in area . Like i said , big country. Carry ribbon for marking waypoints . Exercise caution because the system is patroled snd if ranger observes u entering off outlaw trails you will be cited . There is so much fun to be had and challenges to be found no matter if a vet A or a beginner. Do me a favor and leave alcohol in your vehicle . I dont like drunk riders .

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