Possible moto van w/5500 miles!

Just throwing this out there. I think it would make a good moto van with the extremely low miles. It's ready going to have cabinets if you want, lights on the outside the red lenses you can replace with clears like the others. I'd buy it if it were closer to me.


LOL, i guess only if it was for a motovan. When i saw that Picture, the word Whambuuuuulance hit me.

Woudn't be the first time it's been done!



Woudn't be the first time it's been done!

Is that yours? I don't think I would keep the paint all that long but seems like a good starter conversion.

Excellent choice for a moto-van!! Even has a 7.3 in it so you could tow your house to races that are 1/2 way across the country.

It has a nice tall roof so that you can stand up in it.

It's long, even a little longer than to stock E-van.

Has cabinets already built in, I love that "jump seat" and bed (but the bed would have to go if it was mine).

It's a diesel!! (hopefully turbo).

The outside lighting could easily be converted to light up you "camp site" at night.

OF course, it's going to need some work, like paint & the upper lights probably have to be removed to make it insurable.

I'd buy it!

a friend had one and he was always late getting to the track......when the promoters saw the ambulance coming through the gate they would start practice ..... thinking he was the ambulance crew.

Dont think you can get 2 bikes inside but has tons of storage

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