Crankshaft differences R/X

Im looking to do a full bottom end rebuild on my 450 for preventive maintenance. I know there is a difference in the R/X cranks with the X having thrust washers like the quad for reliability purposes. Will these cranks interchange. Can i put an X crank In R crank cases. Just curious. Im a trail rider on this bike and like reliability.

Bump...Noone tried this?

Never seen anything like that here... I would also like to know about the possibility... I am getting close to a full rebuild.

From the Honda OEM Parts Lists for 2008, they have different part numbers (1300-MEN-A10 for CRF-R) and (1300-MEY-A20 for CRF-X)

My suspicion is they are either balanced for a different piston weight, or it has a different shaft end to accomodate the lighting coil and heavier flywheel wheight.

Don't know if this helps, but even HotRods has two different part numbers for replacement cranks and shows that the 450X crank can also be used in the 450 TRX 4-Wheelers.

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