2011 350sx-f oem valve material?

What are stock valves made out of on this bike? Has anyone put SS aftermarket ones in?

stock is titanium , when you use the ss valve,s you also have to use heavyer springs because the weight of the valve,s

what is the life span on the stockers?

the lifespan would depend on how often you clean your airfilter and how much you are on the rev limiter! The manufacturer of OEM KTM ti valves also makes foumula 1 racing engine valves so they are top quality.

The ktm generally last longer than the other brands, 150 hours is not uncommon

KTM sells 4 Ti valves, springs, seals and spring keepers as a kit and the price is very reasonable. Buy the valves outside of the lit and the price is breathtaking. In my experience I would say that 150 hours would be exceptional performance for valves but this has everything to do with your opinion of "okay". Usually there is significant pitting on the sealing surface well before 150 hours.

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