yz250 vin decode and a few questions

ok so i bought what i was told a 2000 yz250 but dont know for sure if that is right the vin number is jya4jxw03ra011799 .. problem is the guy i bought it from was riding it and the piston blew a hole in it and the cylinder has what i belive to be some melted piston buildup on it i dont see no scrathes or grooves in it just build up. can this be honed out of have to be bored and replated or what? i am told this is alot different than my 78 dt175 im used to working on.

The vin I pulled up show's the bike as a 94 model.Can you post a picture.Need a pic of the cylinder also,chances are that if the piston blew it could possibly lead to splitting the cases.Did the bike lock up ?

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gotta make a run to town now will try to post pics this evening when i get back

my local shop said it needs replating which i thought it did. so where is the best place to send it to? he said he could sent it to i think it was langcourt for 140-200 probly would be closer to 200 just depends on what they had to do. are they a good company and is that a good price? who are my other options yall recommend?

Told him the vin and he said it was a 94 also

going to take some pics now will post them here in little bit

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