05 250X- added Merge AP Spring...

I've added the Merge Racing AP spring, and now I see "another" CRF site selling a plunger, diaphragm, and housing from an 08 250x, for older model 250x's as a retrofit upgrade- do I need this too???

Maybe it's just a good idea while the carb is out, if so, is the the same as buying the parts from the dealer? Is he offering something exclusive.

Thanks guys,


Personally, I would say no, but I'm not that familer with the earlier models.

I would think the spring would be enough though. That addresses the main issue with the design. I would think you'd only need a different diaphragm and bowl if you made radical modifications and even then, a different leak jet would probably be more in order.

What's the problem your trying to solve and what have you done so far?


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No problem per se, just updating a stock bike with the CCC mods and Pro Circuit pipe with an R cam. Thought I might do the rod and diaphragm if the consensus here felt it was needed. Thanks for the response Jim!

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