Stainless Steel Valves?

from what im hearing, stainless steel valves seem to be the best valves you cant get. so if i took the risk of buying a used 4 stroke and immediately put some stainless steel valves in would i really have anything to worry about as far as valves go?

I rebuilt my bike a little bit ago and used some kibble whites. I still get concerned and try to run my bike in the lower rpms just because of how much I spent on the dang thing. All the pro's float the valves all the time, but they have mechanics on stand by.. I dont... Peace of mind is nice though Good luck!

Replace the valves when they start to go (stretch, recess, however you like to phrase it) not before. I'd say something like a piston would be swapped as preventative maintenance but valves will let you know they are turning sour long before they fail. The valve guides and seals are another matter though.

Dirt, very fine grit will massively reduce valve life (think lapping compound) so keep your filter clean and make sure there are no leaks. Periodically check the intake tracks too & be careful when changing filters, crud does tend to drop down from time to time.

If they have gone south then personally I'd replace with new oem valves and springs if the originals lasted a reasonable time. Having said that i have replaced valves with stainless steel before and was very please with the result. No detrimental effects what so ever and they've seen 120hr of rev limiter action since! Heavier valves will of course need appropriate springs to go with and any change of valve will need the seats recut; maybe even replaced. I hear very good things about "Zoom Factory's" kits.

Valves shouldn't ever really float.

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