Miami Trails 1/20


Went up for a test ride since I re-jetted the carb. Wanted to make sure I didnt bog at higher rpm/speeds.

Bike ran great and I was very happy. There was alot of ice and icy patches. I fell three times going over ice. I was just rolling over it , no throttle , sitting up straight. I decided to lower my tire pressure and that helped a whole bunch. Was hard to find snowless trails, but we had a good 3 hrs of riding . I did break my front brake lever and kickstand. : (

Go later in the day about noon 1pm , and the ice starts melting . We had to be back so we went early and it was too icy.


Miami Trails.jpg

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you are a nut or a stud to go up there now

Im just a noob who dosent know any better. Im the guy that hits the trail balls out and then crashes because I got into stuff over my skill level. Im still trying to learn my limits. I have an attitude of "if you aint wreckin' you aint ridin'" but im learning wrecking sucks so Im trying to do less of it.

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