13 450 sxf fuel/ignition programmers?

I have a 13 450sxf and was wondering who is using what programmers for it, and their opinions. I want to be able to use a handlebar switch to change the fuel and ignition settings for moto or enduro, the user tool seems pretty spendy and I don't no if you can use a switch with different maps downloaded to it?? The jd sounds great for fuel, but does anybody no if the bike can use a switch for ignition mild/wild to go with the jd?? Any advise/opinions greatly appreciated!

the switch is working on the stock ecu , the jd tuner is not a replacement but only effects the signal that going to your injector , so you can use the jd tuner for the fuel and the switch for the ign. at the same time

Thanks speedboot. What switch are you using for it, and is it pretty noticeable? Three way switch or two? Thanks

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