Pipe Straighting?

I have a few 2T pipes I want take the dents out using heat/ air pres. I have searched the fourms and think it will be cake, my question is: what kind of plug are you guys putting in the small end?

I use a rubber plug from the hardware store that has a bolt and wing nut on it.

I use an old film canister.


Word of caution, I'd safety wire whatever plug you put on either end.

Just dont stand in front of it. lol

Thanks guys!

Just dont stand in front of it. lol

lmao!!!!! True that..lol

I put one plug in and 3/4 filled my fmf sst pipe with water to leave to freeze outside last night only to find that the pipe was leaking at the seam. I was thinking of replacing it with a gnarly and this puts it over the edge. Now I just need some cash. ;) Anyone want to unload a used gnarly that'd fit a '00 kx250?

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