cr250 gas hog?

i have a 1992 cr250 we just replaced the clutch hub and top end it has plenty of compresion but it was a total bitch to start when we got it together and we rode it saturday and sunday with no problem but after about 45 minutes of total ride time its empty and we put more gas in it now its being a bitch. ive had plenty of bikes and my kx500 didnt even suck gas this fast please help.

Check your float height. What does the plug look like when you are having a hard time starting? What is your jetting and air screw set at?

check your float per Mr. Davis.

If your jetting is stock, it's running extremely rich. That results in poor fuel mileage.

The bike was running extremely rich I think. My friend was "borrowing" it that day and i had time to look at it rit before i left its frying plugs to. Does any one know the jetting specs of the 92 cr250, as I will start from there and rejet it. And yes the bike does have a new top end and new reeds.

also ow do you adjust the float level?

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