Which 450 for trails and a little xc?

HI, im looking into getting started in cross country racing, and im not quite sure which 450 to look for. Im 128 lbs and 5'6" so im pretty short, coming off of a mild 400ex with big gun exhaust, stage one hot cam, uni filter, and high comp piston. I ride mostly trails so i want something reliable that doesnt have to be rebuilt once a year and can make it up some pretty steep hill climbs. Thanks for all your help in advance guys!

I have not owned a 450, so this isn't first hand experience. Although, I have always heard that the best is the Kfx450 due to reverse, it isn't a super crazy motor, and will lug down when you want it to. I would think to stay away from Ltr450, because they are so race oriented. Like I said, this isn't first hand experience so I may be completely wrong, its just what I've heard.

Good Luck!

KFX 450 is great because of reverse like mentioned above. You can really hop them up if you want but even in stock form they are pretty fast. Here's mine



I think the trx 450 also have reverse but there ridiculously slow for a 450

The only race quads that have reverse are the Kawasaki 450R, the KTM 450/525 XC models and the Polaris Outlaw 450/525 with KTM engines.


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I know a couple guys that had a KFX 450 for a short bit, but both sold them, because they didn't like they way they rode, and where under powered. Both used it for MX and trails. I've never ridden one.

Yamaha's 450 is great as are the KTMs. But the LTRs are my choice, I do more MX... but I like them in the trails as well as any. Without mods the LTR is the best handling quad. If you plan to make a lot of modifications/after market parts, they Yamaha is probably 1st choice.

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