Compatible years for 06 yz450 head

Hello, I have a 06 yz450 and just recently discovered a crack in my head. The bike quit running last summer and the head needs rebuilt. I was wondering if anyone knows which years of the 450 will be compatible to bolt on and run it as I am looking to replace the head now. I'm hoping to find one that I can just buy and not have to do any work to it but need to know which years will work. Thanks!

'06 - '09 YZ450F

'07 - '11 WR450F (requires plugging ports for the AIS system used on the WR)

Cracking the heads on these is quite rare. How did we manage that?

Well I took it apart when it quit running and put a set of rings in it and put it back together and just put water back in the rads just to get it running, then it sat and forgot about it and with the cold weather you can imagine the rest unfortunately, thanks for the help gray, I think you helped me out awile back with questions on my WR!

Are you sure that those are the only ones that will work or is that all that you know of?

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