Broke a bolt off...

Broke the longer oil filter cover bolt off somehow when i was out riding. Came back to the truck and saw oil and this was the culprit. What are my options here? Anyway to get the rest of the bolt out? Can a mechanic get the rest of the bolt out?


You'll need to remove the ignition (left side crankcase) cover.

If you are lucky, there will be enough left to grab with ViseGrips and twist out.

If you are not lucky, you will need to drill and extract.

Looks like it broke off pretty high; you should be able to grab it with a pair of vice grips like CRF Doc said.

I have to say, I cringe everytime I torque that bolt down. It always feels like it's streching and I've heard quite a few say they either broke the bolt or stripped the threads out.

Calls for 9ft/lbs, but that seems like a fair amount for that bolt.


Looks like it broke off pretty high; you should be able to grab it with a pair of vice grips like CRF Doc said.

I have to say, I cringe everytime I torque that bolt down. It always feels like it's streching and I've heard quite a few say they either broke the bolt or stripped the threads out.

Calls for 9ft/lbs, but that seems like a fair amount for that bolt.


As do I, Especially since i stripped the threads out of the same bolt on my last bike. Which is why i always go super easy on her which is makes this one breaking even weirder.

Anyways, thanks for the help guys!

If you are torquing that 6mm bolt to 9 foot pounds, there is your problem...

ALL 6mm bolts going into the aluminum case should be 7 foot/lbs ( and ideally done with an inch pound torque wrench at 84 inch/pounds).

Interesting. I know my 250x owner's manual has an incorrect spec on the trans oil check bolt (9 ft/lbs). 450 manual is 7 ft/lbs. Needless to say, I stripped out that bolt on the 250.

I just checked the oil filter cover bolts; same deal. 250 manual says 9ft lbs, 450 manual says 7.

Think I'll run with 7ft/lbs on all the 6 mm bolts from now on.


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I know its a different machine but same motor non the less.On my TRX there are a few bolts that i used to replace often. The 2 oil cover bolts and the 3 valve cover bolts. With the amount of times we have to change oil and inspect valves its cheap insurance to replace them after awhile. Even if you use a tq. wrench and put them at 7lbs the bolts still stretch and WILL break. I only replaced mine from experience as i broke them after a few yrs. I had even started thread on about these bolt in question.

I broke that same bolt off 2 years ago. Scared the crap out of me but I got lucky and was able to just turn it back out by hand after getting to it. Now I use blue lock tight and go very easy on it. It sounds like a great idea to replace these bolts after so many changes. Remember also that any bolts that have oil on them will not read correct torque and you can easily over torque the drain bolts and these oil filter cover bolts. Be careful, trust me I have a cracked case to prove that when you don't pay attention things break.

Turns out you need to have the hands of a surgeon just to change the oil and filter on these things. :rolleyes:

If you use a torque wrench for anything under 25 lbs, it should be an inch/lb, not a ft/lb.

Even then, torquing anything that is not structural is not really needed. Those are max torque numbers, not recommended torque.

1. Deje el motor al ralentí durante 3 minutos,

y luego párelo.

2. Soporte la CRF en posición vertical recta

sobre una superficie nivelada.

3. Extraiga la tapa de relleno de aceite de la

transmisión (1) de la cubierta derecha del


4. Ponga un recipiente para drenar el aceite

debajo del motor. Entonces, extraiga el

perno de drenaje (2) del aceite de la

transmisión y la arandela de sellado (3).

5. Después de haber drenado el aceite,

aplique aceite a las roscas del perno de

drenaje y apriételo con una arandela de

sellado nueva a la torsión especificada:

16 N·m (1,6 kgf·m)

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