'07 YZ450 fork issues

We have a group of vet riders & some of them don't know hnow to speak english so they ask for my help to ask you guys questions. We need help to find out what is happenning with the front forks. I mean they're so messed up we'd like to know starting ballpark settings to start from scratch. Since he bought the bike used, the previous owner didn't give him the owner's manual. One of the things we did we put a tie wrap around his lower fork tube to gauge how much travel he's using. When he lands from a big jump he feels the forks slams all the way down as if they've bottomed out but the tie wrap doesn't go past 2/3 of the travel.

This is his current setup:

-10 wt oil in both inner & outer fork chambers.

-Reb- 10 clicks out

-Comp-17 clicks out

-He had 375 cc's in both tubes initially but we took out about 3.5 oz at the track.

-The forks are sprung for his weight (210 lbs.)

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


use 5 wt oil!

Is that in both inner & outer chambers?. How many cc's to start with?

yes, 350ml is the OEM oilamount in the outa chamber for EU bikes.


i remember 335cc standard.i use 5w inner and 10w outer. start with 320cc

335ml is for the 125.

ah thanx !! i always drill the floating piston and start to 350 .

5wt for the inner but i use 10wt in the outer. Ive had bad bottoming issues on the 4 stroke yams. Never had problems with the 2 stroke. I run max oil height of 375 10wt and they still jar my wrists on big slap down landings. Valving is very stiff compared 2 std.

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