where to have cylinder replated

have a 94 yz250 that needs replating price is very important but i also want quality work done to so who do yall prefer?

also i know nothing about replates do they keep std size bore or have to bore it out? mine has no major scratches just mostly built up melted piston.





Powerseal USA. Ship it to them and they will take care of it right! I have had cylinders done there. You can call them and ask all the questions you like. The owners name is Jamie, he is a great guy. Tell him Double C told you to call!


I send em to millenium technologies.

Millenium Technology for sure. Great work and even better customer service. When you get it replated I believe it comes with free lifetime diamond honing.

Just sent mine off to Powerseal, highly recommended by many.

millenium does good work, but is very slow. my cylinder arrived jan 3rd. I called 2 weeks later and was told they will get to it on the 23rd! not real happy about their turn around time...

Next time I will try powerseal.

clean the alum smear off, your plating may have survived. Muratic acid (concrete cleaner home depot) good ventilation (do it outside) and safety glasses, long sleeve gloves, It eats alum so don't get it on anything else or let it dribble down the ports. I use q tips dipped into the acid then swab the molten alum and wipe away a little at a time.

my local shop said he could send it off to langcourt are they any good?

Millenium does the best work.

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