Current Model Reliability?

Well the last bike I had was a 2006 CRF250R and for the 2 years I owned it, it was a great bike and I never had any issues. I also take very good care of my machines and didn't beat her to death either. I am looking at getting another bike and am just curious as to the reliability of the newer models as the older years had some valve issues as everyone is aware of. How are the motors on these bikes in this current generation? It has been years since I have followed this industry and am just getting back into it.

Also, I hear the X has a very noticeable decrease in snappiness and overall power from the R. This I am fine with as I am going to be more of a trail guy but my question is, is the detuning of this motor increasing the reliability? I am willing to accept that tradeoff if so. The bike will see a little bit of road use here on the Island. Thanks guys.

An '07 - '13 X with just a few very slight mod's...Air Box opened up, Pink Wire, EPA kit and a pipe w/ Good HAULS A$$!

I know, we've built 4 and are working on 3 more...Oh, FMF 2005 R Mega-header w/ FMF '12 X pipe...We are pulling 14-47/48 gearing, too!

We're testing the Hot Cams Stg II cam and a lil' more compression w/ Cosworth CNC ported heads...jus' fore a lil' more...and I'll repeort on those, too...soon.


IMS 2.6 tank and Pro-pegs

Renthal Fat-Bars and clamps on STOCK TRIPLES!

Renthal Kevlar grips

Renthal Twin Ring 47 rr and SL 14 frt

Dunlop MX51FA 80/100 frt w/ 739 Dez 110/100 rr

CV4 Batteries, Hoses and Koolers

Baja Designs Squadron, Stator and Volt Regulator

Vertex 13.4:1 Piston (Testing)

Cometic Gaskets

Probably run Hinson Clutch stuff, too, if we get it tested before the Baja 250 (Our 1st race...errr...I mean..."Win"!)

Tear-down and Race-Prep by PowerCurve in Redding, Ca. Get this: Our 1 leged Race-Mechanic is an X-Games Silver Medalist and rides reallllly fast! Todd Thompson

NO "R" heads! No "R" internal-parts are needed! Hint: Found out about a really good set-up from a certain Supercross team THAT RAN X HEADS!!!!!!

We're headed out on Cameron Steele's "Hell Ride" for a little testing/R&D...

I'll report more...later.


I've got and '09 250x and a 450x and so far no issues.

Don't ride a lot any more. Do 3 - 4 HS a year and some trail ridding. Everything is holding up fine. Haven't done a top end on either yet. Both are pretty much bone stock (air box cut and a rejet is about it).

My intakes on the 250 have been shimmed once and at last check, the left had moved .001 again, so it's starting to strech. Still well within spec though, so I'm thinking I can get another season at least out of them.

Again, it's the rev's and lack of proper air filter maintenance that will kill the valves faster then anything.

Outside of that issue, they seem to hold up well.


Jim, out of those 2 bikes would you recommend just going with the 450x? Im not a big guy at 162lbs and had a blast on my 2006 crf250r. I will be riding this bike on the road and trails though. Maybe some track as well just for fun here and there. I am going to buy new as I plan on having this bike for a long time and want to take care of it the way I do start to finish. Should I just go witht the 450 for the extra power?

Boy that is such a hard call.

I can tell you I'm a fair rider, weigh 180 lbs. For tight woods, I like the 250. There's only 14lbs difference between the two, but the 250 is narrower up by the tank and carries it's weight lower and feels a lot more nimble. But if it opens up in the slighest, I want the 450 hands down.

Neither bike is a light weight though. At 160, I think you'd be happy with a 250, but it's a tough call like I said.

I have to say though, I've seen some nasty videos on you tube of trails in Hawaii and from what I've seen, I would say the 250 (looks like you guys get to deal with some nasty holes int he rainny season).

But I'd use other riders as your guide; what do you see most of? and if you can swing a leg over either for a test ride, go for it.

I'd say you could come here and try'm out, but were a bit far apart (upstate NY).


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Either way I appreciate the offer Jim. I think I will go over to the track as soon as my car gets here and talk to some riders and maybe get some seat time if any are generous enough to offer. Coming from a 250r I was told I might miss the power and responsiveness going to a 250x. Since I need to drive it on the road to the get there (no truck) I think the 450x would be a good all around choice? Not sure 100% sure though.

You'd be able to change the gearing easier on the 450 to get higher speeds without ringing it out if you ride it on the street.

Note: I have a 4 man team of 650R and 450X riders...

After testing in the Nevada Dez, last-week...even hill-climbing where I totally stunk up a hill like puss and whined like one,'s on you's pretty bad...

Well, anyway, the concensus: "Hey, are we EVER gonna ride our Fo'Fiddys, again"? "I think my 650 just became an 'Adventure Bike'..."

The "Little" bike is simply INSANELY AWESOME in the tight stuff and corners like a '13 CRF250R when set-up right (Which means NOT too soft and dialed in to stay Hi-In-The-Stroke like an R). It even feels AWESOME when your railing down a wash...simply...awesome!

Yes, we're having that much fun!

You'll soon see Old-School 450X riders competing in King of Motos, Racing the Baja Series and riding "Rips" on 250X's.

The "Little Chassis" is that nice!

Stamp It!

Which bike are you talking about? The 250x?

I have 2 450X's and am really happy with the reliability. Just routine maintenance and they keep on running. This is after the usual mods for this bike(air box, jetting,SSvalves,etc.) The only thing I find a little annoying is oil consumption in high speed high rev riding and the normal chain rattle on slow stuff. I run a TRX piston on prerun bike and it almost eliminates any oil consumption. The other bike is high comp. p&p head, oil cooler and more mods and it's still super reliable. It doesn't seem heavy at all to me and works great from tight stuff to WFO Baja stuff. There's my totally unbiased opinion.

Which bike are you talking about? The 250x?

It's usually impossible to tell what teamgleem is talking about in just one post.

Such un-bridled enthusiasm....

Nearly 600 hours on stock everything.

Well, accept the three pistons, one SS valve job, 5 different suspension tunings, and hundreds (dozens) of tires.

The only other bike out there with the same reliabilty record is the XR650R and the 2007+ WR450F.

I can't get my KTM to go one ride without having to fix or upgrade something......and it's a 2012!

Either way I appreciate the offer Jim. I think I will go over to the track as soon as my car gets here and talk to some riders and maybe get some seat time if any are generous enough to offer. Coming from a 250r I was told I might miss the power and responsiveness going to a 250x. Since I need to drive it on the road to the get there (no truck) I think the 450x would be a good all around choice? Not sure 100% sure though.

I'd go for the 450x then.


My .02 cents from a new 450X rider ----- I've never ridden anything but motocrossers and when i first started messing around on my X (just 2 week ago ) --- i was disappointed at first and started putting together a "wish list" of porting, head mods, big bore kits, you name it.

But now i have put more time on my X in a matter of 2 weeks than the previous owner had in 7 years seemingly (it was a clean '05 model)

Fast forward a week later, and the stock powerband is starting to make a little more sense to me ----- A good 250F MX bike will kill it on a prepped motocross course if you rode them back to back (this is mostly a matter of gear ratios moreso than power) , but the 450X has the deep down torque to get you up and over a hill without fanning the clutch to death , and the gear ratios let you drag each gear out a lot longer without having to shortshift -- (shortshift a wide ratio bike and it can fall on its face)

My local offroad racing "legend" whom i consulted with when i first started whining about the bike initially told me to chill and take it on a tight trail ride and i would see where the stock motor shines-- so far, so good -- its also becoming the basis for my dual sport ride (i have posting questions here regularly about lighting, gearing and other things concerning that too)

That said, i saw another 250X not far from me that is already tagged for D-S use for not too much coin -- i may try it out too -- but when i brought my new X home, i promised my better half i would start liquidating some of my old machines (the 2 strokes and my collection of partially restored Z-50's has to go ) so i think if i bring home yet another machine, she will flip the "bitch switch" -- like a couple others have said -- the "little" 250F's are a ton of fun in the tight stuff - i havent rode a 250X , but put some seat time in on a WR250 , if anything, a bike with possibly less power than a 250X - but the 450 is not bad either and is far better than a stock MX bike in that environment

IF you have to ride it on the road for anything but short hops though, the 450 may give you more flexibility in being able to use even taller gears though for sure

But like i said, i'm new to the X's too , and after spending time to re-think my MX techniques and tendencies , i am enjoying riding my X now more and more ------ mine is an '05 with a fatter gas tank and seat than the more current ones, so i have had to basically learn to almost put my crotch on the gas cap seemingly to make it carve up an mx style track to overcome its nose heavy feel ---- but i have been so used to riding Yamaha MX bikes for a decade, that i would probably have to rethink any other bike brand a bit when its new

--- one laast thing i will add is that although i have described the X as a mild, but torquey trailbike, -- the stock suspension has what it takes to dust off 60 foot tabletops with ease as long as you dont flatland it --- the springs are soft for me because i am a bit overweight, but as long as you backside the jumps and take it a little easier on the singles, the bike is competent on an MX track too, --- at least good enough to get out on practice days and have some fun ----- and if it was my only bike, i'd have no problems racing it in that venue with a spring change and removing some of the trailbike stuff (kickstand, odo and cable, headlight - etc -- but this is the stuff that makes the bike cool compared to an mx'er )

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I've had both 450x & 250x... I still have the 450x... Nuff said :ride:

I bought a like new, stilll on original tires 2006 450x (my 2nd one)last September.

Currently set up for tight single track, 450R tank and shrouds (from 2005 450R), MX front number plate, JD kit, side stand and lights removed, only the air box snorkle removed, light lithium battery, exhaust insert is slightly modded, still very quiet, the bike feels much lighter and more manageable with this set up. Lots of fun on single track and intermediate speed motocross too.

It is plated, so my dual sport set up is the stock tank (or larger Clarke tank), stock rad shrouds, Guts racing comfort foam seat. Now it is a couch!! I can ride it in comfort all day. my lights, stand, signals, mirror etc all get added back on, total conversion is actually pretty quick and easy to do.

This is a VERY versatile motorcycle!!!

My last 2006 450x, (not the "new one" yet) has Been in tight single tract races, motocross races, Moab, Idaho, Baja and plated for running around town.

Stock exhaust with the insert removed (just the "plug" not the spark arrestor assembly) is 96-97 dBa, power feels more snappy, not as smooth off the bottom, takes more energy to ride. Totally stock muffler tested at 92dBa, my slightly modded exhaust plug blew 94dBa.

I am fastest with a stock exhaust or slightly modded exhaust plug, especially in a long tight race, the quiet smooth power is very easy to control, pull the plug, open the air box, and the bike gets very snappy, fun for 30 minutes, then it wears you down. I am slower with the plug out of the muffler! So now I keep the modded plug in 95% of the time.

I have owned four 250X's and two 450x's (still have one of each), two CRF250R's and three CRF450R's (seven CR250R's still got one!) No mechanical issues with ANY of these bikes, thousands of hours run time.

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This is a VERY versatile motorcycle!!!

I'm finding this to be the case as well

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