Y85 top end overhaul questions


I have a yz85 that im in the process of doing a top end overhaul and cleaning the bike up. Replacing the Sub frame (tweaked) and cleaning the gas tank out, rebuilt the carb with new carb kit, clutch lever replace (ball broke off on end)

2 subject or discussion

1) Anyways I have a service manual and did everything by it. Piston, ring and bearings are within specs. Im wanting to put a hobbes meter (hour meter) on it and I dont know how many hours the bike has on it. I bought it before christmas from someone.

how can you tell on hours? I dont have the guys telephone number anymore.

2) On another subject, when I was riding before the tear down - it was spitting out oil bad. When i took it all apart and was expecting to see ugly things in the bore and ring being broke. Nothing. Its squeaky clean. Im going damn. How can that be?

Makes me think this guy who had it last went 50/50 on the gas and oil. I didnt refill the tank with fresh gas because i wanted to clean everything up and ride. Point is that when i clean the gas tank out, it was pitch black. :jawdrop: I take it because of wrong mixture, it was spitting out oil?

Thanks for your time and sorry for the dragging out story.

hope i can get some answers. Thanks

Edited by Jammj2013

mix 32:1 and jet to that. If it is still spooging then it is too rich and you will need to lean it out, but do not change your mix ratio.

I have new gas already mixed in a gas can - 40:1

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