250 or 450 four strokes for a big guy?

Ok I have road quads my whole life and want to get started in bikes. I am 6'1'' and 260 lbs being new im kind of afraid to get a 450 because I don't want to have too much bike for me and not be able to get good on it. Also I don't want to get a 250 and not have enough power to keep up with my freinds that weight around 150. Nor do I want to out grow the bike too soon either.

Congrats on making the conversion from quad to bike! :thumbsup:

450 all the way. Corked up, they are fairly tame. Uncorked, they're all you want.

I'm 6'8" and 320lbs. I tried two 250's before getting a new 450 last Feb. Wouldn't change a thing.


I'm a bigger guy to I would go with the 450 for sure and I came from riding quads also so its not bad for us bigger guys. I tried the 250 and it wasn't enough power for me so definitely go with the 450

If you get a 250 in a few months it'll see so much rev limiter the motor will quit. Then it will happen again, again and again. 250f's are money pits that live their lives at unsustainable RPM's. I'm not a fan of the modern high compression 4 stroke race motor in any displacement but a 450 is going to last a lot longer, especially if you're a beginner rider. If you try and ride on the rev limiter of one of those it will probably haul your arms out not to mention at your size a 250f will feel much slower then it will for much smaller guys. A 450 should do fine, it will have no trouble hauling you, be a lot more reliable and have all sorts of balls when you want them. Not to mention if you want more power there's some more you can squeeze out of it.

If you are doing mainly trail/xc riding would be hard to beat Ktm 450 xc, Crf450x or WR450's. They are a relatively mild tune, but still have plenty of power for someone your size/ability. They can also pull some double duty on the MX track as long as the track is mild.

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