04' WR vs. YZ

Help! I am torn between the WR & YZ, does anyone have any pro's or con's between them? Mostly ride desert with some track, has the WR key issue been resolved for the 04's?


In August I started to look for a replacement for the KX500 I had been ridding. I was much like you undecided :). I do race a little but I was recovering from a serious crash this spring on the 500. Didn't know if I would be able to race again or if it would be trail riding only from now on. The dealers around home were sold out of the 03 YZ & WR models I happened to be on vacation and stoped by a dealer in northern Michigan Who had both bikes on the showroom floor so I could compare. They had them on clearence with the same price on both bikes. I had been leaning to the YZ since they were cheaper I was told by my local dealers. After Wondering the showroom for an hour I decided WR. I figured for the same money I would get the WR and take the extras, lights, electric start, kickstand etc, off if they bothered. I figured I could take these Items off cheaper than I could put them on the YZ later. I have had the bike since Sept. I had the susp redone which I would of done to a YZ also. I have raced it still full WR equiped, 3 times this fall with no regreats. If I was going to race full time then the YZ would be the way to go. For my riding, trails and some racing I would buy another WR even if it cost me a few extra dollars.

Get the WR . . .

It has a 5 speed not a 4 speed transmission and an 18" rear wheel which equals greater tire selection. Also longer fuel range. Unless you're a full time motodude the WR is the only way to go!

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