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California 2013 AMA/Flexx Bars/SRT Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship underway!

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Vurdoffroad Monday Hotpress - featuring West Chec



www.photosbygrumpy.com - www.ridechec.com

]The first Round of the 2013 WEST CHEC season was hosted in the Southern California deserts of Johnson Valley OHV. With 97 ground miles, 3 loops and tons of speed changes this was going to be a great time keeping Enduro to start the season. 2012 D36 and West Chec Champion Jordan Brandt on his ISDE Wellard Racing Yamaha made sure to start the season right after joining the season half way in last year. "I really like the Enduros. I was racing Hare Scrambles last season and I had a bunch of bad luck early on so I just hopped on to the series and had a blast." D37 Enduro Overall Champion Ryan Kudla aboard his 3 Bros KTM was also on a mission this weekend. "I always have really bad luck at this race, I just want an overall."

Kudla started the day off right collecting 0 seconds for the first 10 checks of the day and leading the legendary Paul Krause who had only dropped 2 seconds so far. East Coast Enduro racer Bill Baker was running 2nd with 4 seconds. Brandt wasn't having the best day accumulating 52 seconds by check 10 but he wasn't to worried knowing the pace was going to pick up soon. After the infamous "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" twisting and turning through the boulders Brandt had taken over the lead dropping only 1 minute while Kudla would slide into 2nd dropping 2 Minutes. Arizona's Travis Epperson would jump into 3rd dropping 2 minutes as well.

The 3rd loop was one of the toughest 16 miles that most riders had ever encountered. "I loved it!" exclaimed Brandt. After gnarly uphills, gnarly down hills, gnarly canyons all twisting and turning just a few miles out side of camp he only dropped 1 minute on the entire loop!!! Giving him a total of 2/251 on the day. Kudla had a much tougher run of it. He dropped 2 into the first check, then got stuck on one of the huge virgin, lava rock hills losing lots of time, smashed his pipe against his frame and did what he could to salvage the finish. He finished out the loop with 8/431 yet still retained 2nd overall giving Brandt the win by 6 full minutes. Purvines Racing's Nick Burson was having a phenomenal day aboard his brand new Beta until he had issues just before the final check. He had passed Kudla on time after making every hill but wasn't able to finish. BTO Powersports racer Kevin Murphy, riding on Baker's minute, would take 3rd overall by seconds with 8/498.

OVERALL: 1. Jordan Brandt (YAM); 2. Ryan Kudla (KTM); 3. Kevin Murphy (KTM); 4. Don Knapp (KTM); 5. Travis Epperson (KTM); 6. James Ptarcinski (KTM); 7. Nick Hatano (KTM); 8. Brad Pace (HON); 9. Jeff Evans (KTM); 10. William Baker (KTM); 11. Samuel Fuller (YAM); 12. Kevin Driver (KTM); 13. Max Brunson (KTM); 14. Cordis Brooks Jr (KTM); 15. Paul Krause (KTM); 16. Brett Hoffman (KTM); 17. Shane Reed (KTM); 18. Matt Wallace (KTM); 19. Christopher Deans (KTM); 20. Ryan Boardman (KTM);

Prelimiary Results - www.moto-tally.com/d37/enduro/results.aspx

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