dang dowels

the dowels on the rear of my Honda CL160 cylinder di not want to go into the holes. What gives? (using originals and new ones - seems noto to fit)

hmmm what the hell are you talking about?

hmmm what the hell are you talking about?

Part #19 shown HERE

Yes i see the dowels they are probably going need a few love taps to go it. Are they rollpins? or are they just a slug of steel?

They're 10x14 centering dowels to align the cylinder with the lower end.

well if they wont drive in easily try putting a slight chamfer on the holes with an 82 degree countersink available at any decent hardware store

Research reveals that although the parts schematic shows them it is inaccurate it only usese two on the forward end. Never hog out a hole to make something fit.... if it does not go in there is a reason....

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