Building a 250X for the SCORE Baja Season...we WILL win Calss 20!

As I posted,'s where we're starting...

An '07 - '13 X with just a few very slight mod's...Air Box opened up, Pink Wire, EPA kit and a pipe w/ Good HAULS A$$! This was our "Base-Line" for starting..and it really runs well!

I know, we've built 4 and are working on 3 more...Oh, FMF 2005 R Mega-header w/ FMF '12 X pipe...We are pulling 14-47/48 gearing, too!

We're testing the Hot Cams Stg II cam and a lil' more compression w/ Cosworth CNC ported heads...jus' fore a lil' more...and I'll repeort on those, too...soon.


IMS 2.6 tank and Pro-pegs

Renthal Fat-Bars and clamps on STOCK TRIPLES!

Renthal Kevlar grips

Renthal Twin Ring 47 rr and SL 14 frt

Dunlop MX51FA 80/100 frt w/ 739 Dez 110/100 rr

CV4 Batteries, Hoses and Koolers

Baja Designs Squadron, Stator and Volt Regulator

Vertex 13.4:1 Piston (Testing)

Cometic Gaskets

Probably run Hinson Clutch stuff, too, if we get it tested before the Baja 250 (Our 1st race...errr...I mean..."Win"!)

Tear-down and Race-Prep by PowerCurve in Redding, Ca. Get this: Our 1 leged Race-Mechanic is an X-Games Silver Medalist and rides reallllly fast! Todd Thompson

NO "R" heads! No "R" internal-parts are needed! Hint: Found out about a really good set-up from a certain Supercross team THAT RAN X HEADS!!!!!!

We're headed out on Cameron Steele's "Hell Ride" for a little testing/R&D...

I'll report more...later.


Would love to hear more about the X head that's working so well - and uh PICTURES!!!!

Would love to hear more about the X head that's working so well - and uh PICTURES!!!!

Pics will take a wk or 2 'til I get back to the shop...unbless I get the FBers to put'em up (From our tests at the Vegas 250...where our Truck won the OVERALL!)

Turns out eh CRF-X head with it's longer ports, add'l materials and higher port velocities makes a helluva alot more "Early-Torque" & can have all the "R" needed w/ the right "works"...and it's already won some SX races..and titles...back in '05-'09...

Why not try the Cosworth piston?

"we WILL win class 20!"

Edited by cb707

I still prefer Honda oem gaskets. Good luck, will be watching for updates.

Here are my notes post "2013 Hell-Ride" with the Desert Assassins:

About the Clutch...

I'm guessing that Honda was trying to make the clutch very "plush" for the rider; so, it's kinda "SOFT"...spring-wise...

The springs have to GO...stiffer springs are a must.

About the Suspension...

Stock springs are pretty damn good for the 170-190 crowd; however, the valving is better for Moto than it is for Off-Road, W-T-F? We did have 1 of the bikes running a stiffer RR spring (Rate unknown to me @ the moment; but, it's just one or two rates stiffer than stock)...We have a Progressive Revalved set and it's not a whole lot different than our very well "clicked" stock stuff. Forks were up in the clamps 10-12mm.

EPIC turning and still very stable at speed. My 450 is gonna be LONELY!

Good bye ODO/Hello CR axle and seals.

Hot Cams Stage 2 Cam: Better low-to mid w/ plenty more torque at those ranges...HOWEVER...the '07 ('08?) and up motors (Read: CAMS) are actually FASTER on "Top" and just a bit slower to accelerate than the Stg 2 cam. The Stage 2 will get the Hole-Shot...the '07/'08 and up will win the Top-Speed-Rev-Race.




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