Stolen Bike Alert 2010 YZ450 and 2009 YZ250

Stolen bike alert for 2 bikes between Sat Jan 19 and Mon Jan 21 from Ameriguard Store in Fenton MI. These were stolen from my enclosed trailer when they pried open the side door breaking the lock.

2010 YZ450 was blue, 2009 YZ250 was white, was missing RH rear number plate and muffler.

Please be on the look out and inform me

I am attaching pictures.

Not sure if this is the right place to post.


bike 4.jpg

Edited by kjh440

Attached is th pic of the 450.


Edited by kjh440

I hate thieves,they need to have their fingures broken. Hope they get found for you.

When i buy used parts i always feel the guy out to make sure the guy knows something about the bike they came off. If he can't b.s. about that model it never belonged to him. Ask to see the pink slip. Lock up a pissed off chimp in that trailer. I like the way they can pull off a man sack in one jerk.....

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