2013 RMZ450 - Suspension upgrade for 6'4 215 C Rider ?

Got the 13 RMZ450. Suspension is one area I'm not too knowledgeable in.

With the increase in technology for suspension, is it worth it to send out my suspension to FC for a complete setup ?

I'm 6'4 215lbs


have you rode the bike yet?

Definitely ride it first. Suspension revalves are worth the money,but you need to know what you like/dislike. First step is to determine what springs you need or if stock will work. At 215 the stock spring might be ok or you may need next spring. Front should be ok,just mess with preload. Use the clickers and adjust oil height. Magazines are full of shit. Stock the suspension is pretty good. Its a matter of setup. If you are a beginner or ride offroad, i could see a revalve as being necessary. Just depends what you like.

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