2001 Yz250f wheels

Looking to either paint my wheels or get new ones. Anyone have Any cheep black wheels that will fit the 01' or know of anywhere I can get them? If you have any tips on painting them that would be awesome. Thanks!

If your doing any riding in the rocky terrain of PA, your'e wasting money and time. The chips and gouges come so quick, you will wish you had the stockers which show wear much less.

Know of any way I can make them look new again

lots and lots of polishing, or maybe take them to a place that repairs car wheels and see what they would charge


If the sides of the rims are scratched, those rim sticker kits by companies like Enduro Engineering might help, and a lot cheaper

I ride in mostly coal and rocks so I think im just gonna polish them and everything after I ride "im a kid I have a lot of free time"

I used to ride my 250f @ Tower City, so I know how beat up wheels can get from all the rocks and what coal dust does to aluminum

Yea all I ride in is coal. But if I were to polish them you thinking would last?

Yes and no, the polish needs to be reapllied after it starts to dull

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