Anyone know if a '13 front fender will bolt up to my '12 150xc fender? Thanks.

70 bucks lol, I'll pass on that one, thanks tho.

Just make the bracket yourself. It looks simple.

I have read, don't quote me, that you can drill and tap your clamps to fit the 13.

I actually modified a 13 fender to fit my old 11 but it was not as strong as stock, I just went to town on it with a dremmel and drilled the other two holes in it from the bottom, it looked fine and no one could really tell but wouldn't you know the very first race with it I had a very scary get off where my rear end got launched nearly over my head at about 60, I rode a front wheelie for about 40 yards (completely out of control), some how dug up an old barbed wire fence along the way and it wrapped around my new front fender and number plate and I ended up getting the bike stuck around a tree in between the fender and front wheel, it didn't last long after that. I would not drill the bottom triple clamp, I'm sure it probably would be ok, just not worth the risk or peace of mind IMHO. The bracket looks easy enough to fab though, and I believe all of the other plastics will bolt right on.

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