How to remove axle feet from wp forks?

Have acquired some gold lower fork tubes with some titanium nitrade something or other coating, but the feet use a different size spindle. I don't want to use that size I want to use my standard ones.

How do I take these off, ive heard very little info about it. Anyone tried? if someone could give me some help on how I go about it id be very greatful


NO1 Say take them to the shop, I rather do it myself.

They are threaded together and have red loctite. Put the clamps in the vice and apply heat to the clamp. There are 2 holes 180 degrees apart just below the upper bushing. Insert a well fitting pin through the holes and unscrew the chromed pipe. The WP tool has a slug that fits into the inner pipe and the pin goes through to prevent distorting the steel pipe (WP tool PN# 1404S). You can home brew one by looking at the tool in this link:

I personally would have a shop spin down a piece of bar stock to the right OD and drill two holes- one to pin into the leg and one for the breaker bar. Should be a cheap part at a local machine shop or a 6 pack of beer for a neighbor with a lathe.

Sounds do-able, ive heard that it has a thin layer of factory Loctite and its very strong stuff. Also that the threads are very thin and can be rounded out very easily.

I was thinking of using a oil filter strap to undo the tube and clamping the foot into a vice.

Will a hot air gun be enough heat or will I need a blowtorch?

Yes you need heat, use a blow torch, a heat gun is to slow and to weak...

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