RT 180 Anybody got one?

Hey guys, I recently found a 1998 RT 180 on CL. I've never seen this model and was wondering what they are like. Kinda like a ttr 225/230 I guess, but a 2t. Anybody rode one / got one that can add any info? This bike looks rough and has some clutch/ tranny issues so it's cheap. Are parts availability gonna be an issue?Thanks for any input.

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If memory serves correctly, this bike was basically a parts-bin bike based on an early 80s dt model or something other. Yamaha added a new look and possibly new frame. While not a great bike by any stretch, I remember some reviews saying that they were more than adequate beginner trail bikes as long as you knew exactly what you were getting and didn't have big expectations as to power, handling, or suspension. If its cheap enough, and youre getting it just to putt around on for very leisurely trail riding, then I'd personally pick one Up. Probably a good bike for a beginner. Don't expect too much, and you won't be disappointed. It's not going to be nearly as good as a tt230 by any stretch of reality.

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thanks for the reply, I passed on it, was pretty rough shape

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