Can you lightly sand the small end of the connecting rod?


The small end of the connecting rod of the Rhino 660 I'm helping a friend out with has some light scoring marks from lack of lubrication. I am curious, is it okay to do a fine wet sand paper to "resurface" it? I realize it's always best to replace parts but can I cut this corner? He doesn't have much money and can barely afford a new top end.



why is there lack of lubrication? need to fix that first before anything.

If your going to use a wet sandpaper and fix the scoring, its okay. As long you dont mess with the inside part of the connecting rod. . Now the silver round thing (boss) looks like it have some scoring on it as well and you take some calipers and measure that to make sure its within limits. If you sand that silver round thing to smooth finish, it might go out of limits and out of round ( i know it sounds silly but it can happen)

its best to do a fresh top end overhaul before irreversible damage occurs to be on the safe side. You gotta fix why its not lubricating first or it will happen again.

The rhino was ran lean and I think ridden hard when cold resulting in a four corner seizure. It started consuming oil. The oil burned off and got low resulting in the lack of lubrication. It's 70% leakdown through the piston rings. I am going to bore the cylinder and install a new piston/pin etc. Just was unsure about the condition of the small end i.d. There is no freeplay amazingly in the bottom end and the pin and rod

still actually feels like proper clearances too. I am trying to save him a lot of money but only if I can get some life out of this crank. If it's going to blow 100%, which obviously there is always that possibility when refurbishing damaged parts then it would be stupid to spend the money on a top end just to have it grenade. Just was seeing what some you guys thought before I tell my buddy the verdict.

lets wait till others chime in and have a say then you can take your verdict back.

Are you gettin pistons?

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