Top end ticking

I'm looking to buy a 450 but it has a real loud ticking noise in the top, recently replaced valves, did not cut seats, and replaced the piston rings at the same time. This noise is real loud and noticeable. What can be causing some ticking in the top end. It's all stock with low end kibble white valves. Can this be timing chains or what?

DId you replace the cam chain? Adjust the valve lash properly? Adjust the decompressor adjustment properly? Cam chain adjuster- new? And adjusted?

these motors are not quiet and have a fair amount of "tick" to them, but if it's something not normal ?.. that is tough to say.

Me and the owner brought the bike to a mechanic we checked the new valves real quick and the decompressor. Still ticks, no cam chain adjustment? What else could it be! He ruled out piston slap. And says a valve guide is a possibilty

Mine ticked until I replaced the exhaust valve rocker arm know the part I'm talking about........Wasn't real bad feeling, but still made noise....

If it is a stock cam then there should be very little ticking. What are your valve clearances? Who checked them? How were they checked?

If the cam isnt stock, say a HotCams stage 1 or something, they make noticably more noise.

It's bone stock and it was checked by a red level mechanic with 13 years under his belt. All valves checked out fine

Well if it was checked buy a red level tech?? Whats the problem?

That's what I'm saying! Lol

FWIW, if youre comparing the amount of noise off the CRF engine to something like the KTM, ya, the Honda sounds like somethings broken in there. Last time I was at Elsinore, there was a brand new KTM 450 parked next to us and the thing sounded like a sewing machine compared to my CRF. :lol:

It's definitely louder than usual

Mine ticked until I replaced the exhaust valve rocker arm know the part I'm talking about........Wasn't real bad feeling, but still made noise....

Mine was ticking too, And relplaced the exaust rocker arm. Ticking nose went away

Are we talking part number 10 on this diagram?


My friend called me and asked if my top end ever made a ticking noise. His kx450 had about 6 rides on it so i just suspected maybe it was the 4 stroke sound that he is not used to. He rode it anyway and it finally let go. The mechanic said good news you have a bolt that was not torqued properly on your timing gear. It had backed out, just had to find it, Well they found it in a million pieces in the bottom end and it needs new cases and everything.

Make sure your head pipe bolts are torq'd well.

Any help with what rocker bearing number is on the diagram?

Part number 9, it has a bearing on that roller on the top. What mine needed. Would prolly tick forever with the amount of travel they do, but better safe than sorry.

check that video..

I had that ticking and replaced the rocker arm part number 9 in the diagram and problem solved

id pull the top end and start looking around. The rattle sped up with engine speed which tells me its not something random. it didnt sound like a rod not, but it could be the main bearing on the stator side. It'd be worth pulling the stator cover and flywheel and checking that end of the crank when the top end was off.

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