cr250 too much power? or KDX200?

Hi guys, i'm almost 16 and weigh 140 and was wanting you guy's opinion on weather or not i should stick to my KDX 200 or move up to a cr250? ive been riding for about a year about every other day for at least an hour a day and have owned an old Honda xl185s and a yz85 and my most recent bike is a KDX 200 for a few months now and have ridden my friends rm125. i love my KDX but i want something i can jump and take to the track and maybe even some more power, although i do mostly trail riding. My main concern is if a cr250 will be too much power? i dont know anybody thats ridden one but i hear is not all too much fester than a 125 which i know i can handle with ease. Thanks!


If there's "too much power" just don't twist it as much. I'm sure you'll be fine, it's not like a 250 has a mind of its own and is going to throw you off intentionally then drive over you. Driving bikes and handling them outside your comfort zone is what makes you grow in skill as a rider. I'm not saying jump on and hold it wide open but I'm sure in time you'll be a more confidant rider on a faster bike. For the time being just be lighter on the throttle.

If you have to ask if a bike has too much power, then yes, it probably does. :thinking:

You said you ride mostly trails, you already have a great bike for that. Sounds like you need to find a second bike. 140lbs = 125 two stroke, by my math.

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