Looking for riding partners near Columbus, MS


Anyone interested in weekend rides in North Mississippi? I know that Trace State Park and Meridian OHV Park have some dirt bike trails. The guy that I normally ride with is moving in a couple of weeks, and I need to find some more people to ride with. I ride a plated Husqvarna, so no MX/SX for me.

I live in Caledonia and should be getting an XR400 at the end of the month if everything works out as planned. I've also got a non running XR200 I need to get back to working condition. Anyway, I'm a total noob at off road (been riding street bikes for years) but if you don't mind putting up with a slow guy, I'd be willing to hit the trails with ya.

I live in Olive Branch, MS and I ride a yz250f and also a Rm 250 and mostly ride trails. Anyone wanting to ride I am off on weekends and would love to do some riding.

Sorry about the late reply, I haven't checked this thread in a while. I'm available after work on Fridays, and all day on the weekends. If you guys want to hit up Trace State Park on a weekend, I'm sure that it would be pretty cool. It's just over an hour from all three of us. $7 for a day pass, and the trails are open until 5 PM. I don't really know of any other trail systems nearby. Any recommendations would be appreciated :D. Tyrroneous, how'd things go with the XR? Have you ever ridden at the lux creek trails near GTR? I've heard that place is decent. I'm not real fond of water crossings, but I'm sure we could figure out a way to steer clear of those.


Things actually worked out for me, for a change, and I scored a great running XR400. Been riding it in the empty lot near my house to get used to it. I am definitely ready for something bigger than a three acre field to ride in!

I have not ridden any trails near 'The Lux'. I know there are some access points to the river in Columbus...but have not heard of an actual trail system.

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