New Pair of Alpinestars Tech 3s or Used Tech 8s

I am deciding on whether or not to buy a new pair of Tech 3s or a used pair of Tech 8s. The 8s look pretty nice and i can get them for about the same price as a new pair of tech 3s. Dont really have to money buy boots more than $200 and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on which ones i should buy. Also would be interested in other boot recomendations.

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We each got the 3s last year and out of the box fix was spot on and by the end of the year they still look rather new,feel great. I/We will but another pair,just not anytime soon.

Look on eBay if you know what size you'll need, I've seen tech 10s going for $150

I bought an original/good condition used set of Tech 8s (estimate 2007-9 year of manufacture) for a hundred sheets and the orig sole on the left foot and booties are pretty bad after about 25hrs of standing.

I have applied leather treatement, wash and dry my boots carefully, and still the booties are pretty bad. I think I'll probably resole the boots once with harder Gaerne or Sidi, and then they'll be done. Its just not worth the ~$60 for new booties.

Stock soles are soft for a person that stands and I'm average weight at 155 lb.

Its a shame that the upper will probably be fine at 75hrs but the new soles will be trashed again, and the booties will be too far gone. Interested to hear what hours others are getting on the Tech3 sole, and if there's a harder resole option.

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