you guys HAVE to see this

Hey Mike , is your last name Forkner ? Just wondering .

Smokin- no, that's not me but the name does sound familiar.

..Well as wierd as it seems my fellow dirt squirters, that is the future of freestyle. Maybee not that exact bike (nothing to grab or tweak onto). Mark my words. These 230lb 250s are going to morph into the wierdest things on dirt in the next ten years... What they need is not a full blown race bike, but a light-weight, easiler flicked, cross bewteen a trials bike and a modern supercross machine..... it will be interesting.


woah! that looks like a bmx bike with an engine! it even has grind pegs!!! LOL

what is it? I realize it's a yamaha, but what is it?? is it a trials bike, or a concept mxer or a freestyle bike, or what? :D:):D:D

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