Suzuki rmz250 Too Much For New Rider?

Quick question... my son (17 years old) is now wanting to get into dirt bikes with me. I found a really nice 2007 RMZ250 4-stroke and was wondering if that would be an okay bike for a starter? He's 5'9" 225lbs (football player) so a 150 is probably out of the question. Just looking for some outside advice / opinions. Thanks in advance!!

You might want to look at Yz250f's or Kx250f's. I think 07 RMZ had problems with the gearbox. Other than that it's a good bike.

Any 250 in good condition is perfect for your son. Unless he wants a 2t then get a 125,144,200,or maybe even 250.

I'd stay away from a 250f. It's going to cost a lot of money to keep that bike running compared to a 125. If you really want to get your son a 4 stroke and are hell bent on them a 450 is a much better option. Why? Because to make power 250f's have to turn 13,000+ rpm and because of the lack of power they have, most intermediate riders hop on them and ride them on the rev limiter all the time setting them up for catastrophic failure which, when it happens can be anywhere from $1200-$2500 depending on what you take out. My buddy just blew up his YFZ and ruined the case as well, it's $200 for a crank, $500 for a head, $200 for a piston and rings, $600 for a cyl plus $50 for a timing chain, $300 for a valve kit plus the labour it's going to cost to get it together.

Regardless of what you hear about a 2 stroke, you have to actually take the motor apart less. For light trail riding some guys get 100+ hours on the top ends, I change mine out at 70 or when the bike starts to feel less powerful. That way it will never "Blow up" and a $150 top end kit can be done with a clymer manual and some tools in your shed in a lunch hour. I'd stay far far away from that Suzuki.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Greatly appreciated. Just wanting to make sure I get him into something that's not going to be too much bike for him starting out. 8 may have to check into the 450's. He will be doing mostly trails with a few small tracks mixed in. Thanks again.

I think a 450 will be a lot of bike for him. What I was saying was stay far far away from 250f's. Either get him a 125 or a trail bike unless you want to throw lots of money into a 250f money pit that you'll never see again.

I thought about a 125 as a good starter, but was afraid it might be too small for him.

I thought about a 125 as a good starter, but was afraid it might be too small for him.

Physically they'll be no smaller then a 250f, smaller motor but same size frame and everything. I think 125's are awesome starters hell I still ride a 125 and I've been riding all my life and I'm 190 pounds, lol. Plus he will learn a lot more on a 125 and be able to perform a lot of mechanical things on his own too.

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