How many hours are you guys getting off your bottom ends?

So I am looking at a clean YZ 125 for 600$ and the guy says it needs new top end and sleeve in cylinder. How many hours are you guys getting on your bottom ends? Thanks.

Honestly, from my own experiences.....I've owned n raced numerous makes/sizes of 2t bikes. Have never had to do a bottom end on any till recent. These. Bikes I picked up cheap and they were not very well maintained.

I guess what I'm saying is; plan on doing a top and bottom end on any used bike. Cause you really have NO idea how many hours are it. Cheaper now rather than later. Lkke when your thrust washers/ needle bearing go and send debris up and seize your new topend. Check ojut the thread. By jammj2013, engine seizure.

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Depends how you ride it, ive ridden mine at a moderate C class racing level and it lasted me well into my 3rd year.

Huh, let me see.....71 years times 365, times 24 hours - oh dang thats to hard to compute with my ol brain! Oh wait, you meant the YZ bottom end. As mentioned above, two many variables to give a solid number. I've only had one lower end fail and that was on my 99 after five years of racing and trail riding. I blamed it on the fact that I ran 50:1 whether racing or just trail riding; I now run Torco GP7 @ 40:1 and also tear down at around two years.

I'm a firm believer in 32:1....

About 3 years racing xc A class on my 06 125. At that point I just replace them to make me feel better. Thats running 50:1 golden spectro.

200-300 hrs depending on how hard your riding. If your racing A class I would go 125-150hrs.

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