Jetting Mod - Suggestions needed

My bike is having some hesitation and I realize it probably needs to be rejetted for the winter. Can someone offer some jetting suggestions?

'04 250x

open air box cc mod

o-ring mod

hot cam stage 1

fmf power bomb header and Q4

Running at sea level (Houston)

morning temps are around 50F deg and mid afternoon is up to high 60's at the moment

To be honest its been a couple years since I've had the carb opened and I can't remember what needles I have in it now or where I have the clip set. Where should the fuel screw be set at?

You should be 2 turns out, +/- 1/4 turn. Could be that the O-ring has broke.

The HC stage one loves a lot of fuel off the bottom. A 45 pilot works great, and the needle richened up one clip will complete the package.

Normally, a 42 pilot is fine, but that hot cam is thirsty.

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