02 cr250 pros n cons

Hey guys im think about trading my 01 yz125 for a 01 cr250. I've been riding for years n races a few years ago. So i know me way around a bike. But I've never owned a aluminum frame bike. N would like to no your opinion on this bike. Good or bad. Oh n yes I've ridin a 250 before.

Me confused, are you wanting N 01 or N 02? :thinking:

Either way, give the search function a whirl. There will be quite a few threads about both of those bikes.

My opinion: Good

:D its a 01 i didn't realize that I put 02 at the top.

Tons of info on 2nd Gen aluminum frame CR's on the Honda 2t board. Provided they haven't been ragged for 10+ years, CR's are super reliable. In good repair with a dialed suspension there's no reason you couldn't still be competitive. Same applies to the '02-07 3rd Gens.

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