Blown 426 top end, what to do?

So I bought an 01 yz426f a little over 3 weeks ago, got it for just $1000 bucks and everything seemed fine, was told it needed a carb adjustment, would pop and snap pretty good especially on deceleration and would sometimes die when you would come to a stop if you didn't help it by giving it some gas. Other than that It ran just fine and didn't make any weird noises or anything.

Anyways, was riding with a buddy today at a local beach, 2nd gear on the throttle pretty hard about to shift to 3rd and just a terrible sound and it seized up on me. Kickstarter wouldn't move at all. Awesome, took it back to my buddies place and began tearing it apart, discovered shattered chunks of the top of one of the valves after taking the cover off, took the head off to find 3 valves with the heads broken off, one of the valve heads stuck in the top of the piston. So basically, I need a new head, valves, piston & rings, cylinder wall honed out (few very small marks), and possibly connecting rod w/new bearings and such.

Pretty unhappy with the whole deal.

So now I have to decide whether to buy all the parts and fix it?? (I have a buddy who is gonna do most of the work)

Or part out the rest of the bike and buy something else?? (run the risk of something bad happening again)

What do you guys think?

P.S. , I will upload pictures at some point, I'm at work right now.

Mine did the same thing, 2nd gear on it hard then BANG! locked up. Head was trashed. Tried selling it as a project but did not get to many offers. Kept looking for a good used head and found one for 250 shipped. New piston was 125 and gaskets and cam chain were another 100. Figured I could ride it for awhile then sell it for 1500 pretty easily. Have about 2200$ total into it including purchase price. There are so many of these bikes being parted out and sold I got sick of looking at it apart in the garage and waiting for stuff to sell. Also makes a good winter project. :thumbsup:

The bad thing about trying to rebuild is it is all a gamble, unless you do it right. Then of course your putting more into the top end then the whole bike will be worth when its done. :lol:

So I found another 426 that has about 40 hrs on a professionally done rebuild! He's only asking $1499 for it so I think Im gonna pick that up. He also said he'd give me some cash for my bike and then part it out, so I'll probably take some things I want from my bike and then trade him mine plus some cash for it!

wish bikes were that cheap up here,I paid $2500 for my 426 and had to get in my truck to leave to get him to agree on that price.If I could get them for that price there be 1/2 dozen bikes out in the shed incase one gives me trouble.

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