Pros & Cons - Whadda ya reckon?

Hi All

Continuing to lavish the TLC on my 250R.

Next thing - Rear Shocker.

It's pretty much on it's last legs. Whilst reading the workshop manual I have (Haynes) it mentions that you can have these recon'ed.

What's the general school of thought on this, guys. Worth doing if you are a penniless pauper such as myself or a total waste of time and I should buy a new one?

Thanks in advance!

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Much cheaper to have it serviced.

Cheers Mich, 'preciate it

Cheaper than a new one I should say. If you find a screaming deal on a good condition used unit, it may be easier to do that. A service here in the states at Enduro Engineering is approx. $65.00 for an oil change. It could be as much as $150 if you need seals or other parts. (US dollars)

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