Over to the 4-stroke side of things

Hey TT'ers,its kx100nick here and I just sold my 100 yesterday.With that being said,I am going to my dealer today to put a deposit down on a big bike ('13 250F).I REALLY needed a bigger bike because at 5ft11 I was looking like King Kong on that little 2-stroke.On top of that it was uncomfortable to jump, go through whoops and to ride in general.For those of you who followed my countless other bike threads, after almost 3 YEARS on a supermini it is time to move up!!!

So,how do you guys like the '13 KX250F? For the money I will be putting down,I would imagine it's a pretty awsome bike.Now coming off the 2-stroke maint. is going to be different,but my Dad has a 450 so it shouldn't be too bad.I would also imagine this bike to be pretty dang solid and reliable provided it's properly maintained? I've had 3 other Kawi's and they've all been Flawless! Lets hope the 4-stroke is the same durability wise...GO GREEN!!!

Thanks Everyone,


Either not many people like me or not many people have the '13 KX250F...or both! :lol: Anybody have any feedback?



Sounds great man, good luck with the new bike.

You will maintain it as you ride it, just like anything, your not a pro rider so you likely will not push the bike hard enough to have to deal with big costly rebuilds tell a long ways down the line. save for rebuilds because they aren't cheap. 450s are also way more solid then 250s so cant really compare them, but again if you are light and don't hammer on it then you will not have a issue for a long while.

Just like any NEW bike too... break it down before you even start it, go over everything and re-grease every thing that needs it, I have never run stock grease in a bike. basically disassemble and reassembly the whole bike, the engine is the only part I don't touch, other then putting new oil in it.

again good luck,


Thanks Nick,I'm installing the new hour meter tomorrow as well! It is FREEZING here in NJ with snow,cold and wind.High for Saturday is like 30 degrees...Test out the EFI!


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