How much for 03 xr650?

Dealer has a 2003 xr650 for $5400 OTD. Is that a pretty good deal? If not how much? That seems to be a descent deal in this area. I may wait till after Christmas to see if he comes down anymore.

have you called Lake Hill Motors in Corinth TN? its only 60-something miles from Memphis on 72, and they have generally been much cheaper than Al's honda or any other Memphis dealers. (at least back when I was in the area, and when I used to look)! Also you may not have to pay sales Tax since its in MS and you live in TN???(not sure the details but worth asking?) Just a thought. Keep us posted on what you find? Maybe you can find a used one after christmas from someone selling it to pay Christmas Credit card debt! :)

Good Luck!


Yeah, last time I checked Lakehill wanted $5199+tax. You end up having to pay TN tax. There is a new shop in Southaven called Desoto Honda and they are a little cheaper than Lakehill. They have a 03 xr650 for $4999+tax.

I have a 2001 with all the factory uncorking items and the quicksilver carb, also 13t countershaft sprocket with xr's only case saver. Its only been ridden about 6 times-less than 200 miles on the odometer. I was thinking of getting a crf450 this xmas and the dealer was really lowballing me on the trade in. email me if you're interested. I'm in St. Louis and will deliver if the price is right.

I just bought my Brand New 2002 Xr650R in CA for $4,899. Out the door was just below $5,400. You might not mention that to your dealer. The bike you are looking at is a year newer for the same money! It's up to you. :)

$5400 seems a little steep to me. :D I know of an '03 that went for $4750 OTD in WV recently. Another dealer had a leftover '01 for $4299 OTD. Both these bikes sold to out of state buyers so there was no sales tax. The BRP is not a best seller back here so there are deals to be found compared to the prices out west. An even better deal is to let someone else buy the bike, uncork it, and put all the best aftermarket stuff on it. Then after a few rides they decide it is too much bike for them and you buy it for pennies on the dollar. :) This one might go kinda cheap. :D

Sounds like sound advise, know whiere I can find one of those? If so let me know


just browsing E-bay I ran across these two,

They claim only 200 miles! some put more than that in one ride!

This one says 300 miles.

I know nothing of either one of these but ran across them and remember you were asking so I thought I'd pass it on.

enjoy Sounds like a good bike! It doesn't even look like any boot rub on the rt. case (I know it doesn't take much to show rub). IT says reserve is 3500 and for the right price maybe he'd take it off of ebay sooner if ya'll didn't want to wait.

also which is 2000

Just passing on what I have seen


Got my new 02 XR for 4900 OTD in CA.

New 2002 OTD for $5050 at Arizona Honda, in Tucson...

New 2002 OTD for $5050 at Arizona Honda, in Tucson...

Is that with tax?

Just bought one from LA Honda. $5600 out the door.

Yes...that included tax...

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