Having electrical problems

Hey all, I have a CA plated dual-sport 98 XR4 that I had some question with. First, just got the after market carb rebuilt after it has been sitting for about a year. Starts up great, but I noticed that the lights, head light, tail light and turn signals, all do not work. I bought the bike 5 years ago and while I have ridden it a bit, unfortunately it has mostly been sitting (new job). While I have had the carb checked out, I really haven;t done any work on the wiring or electrical, think its time for it and if so, anyone have any dual sport electrical handbooks, as electrical isn;t really my forte.

Second, I just moved from CA to El Paso, TX, and was wondering if there would be a problem going on the roads over here with my CA plated bike. I understand that its still a valid license plate, but as I will be here for a little while, wanted to make sure that TX doesn;t have anything specifically forbidding plated dirt bikes, or at the very least, the cops over here won't be dicks about it if i say I am just visiting...

There should be a fuse in the lighting harness. Check that first. If the system has a battery, you'll need to check its condition and state of charge. Just look at the overall condion of the wiring harness, no frayed wiring, clean any ground points of corrosion, check connectors for looseness and corrosion. There's usually a common ground wire/connector behind the headlight that has been known to cause grief.

There should be no problem(as long as you're keeping the registration current) riding your CA plated bike on the roads in Texas. But your lights do have to be in working order. I would think that whatever lighting, mirrors, horn, etc. that is required for a CA plate is what you'll need to have mounted and working. Blinkers not required in Texas, but if they're on the bike, they do have to work. You'll want to be sure to have your proof of liability insurance on you.

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