TTR 250 Won't Start when frickin cold

I have had the carb cleaned and still not much luck with starting this thing when it’s cold. Are there some suggestions for correcting my problem? It has a new petcock with the filters, and a new sparkplug.

With the chock pulled out and a couple of twists on the throttle, we hit the start button, and it’ll catch for about 1 second then die. Do the same thing over again and it’ll catch then die.

The damn battery goes low so we have to put it on the charger for a while to try it again. I rode the bike after cleaning the carb. After putting it on, turning on the fuel and hitting the start button it fired right up. I took it on a 20 mile over the road ride, watching for the PO PO, and it ran fine.

The next morning, confident of my work and with the temp at 20 degrees F, the damn bike would not start, just catch for about a second and run the battery down.

What can be the problem? Any suggestions would be helpful.



Semper FI


Try a larger starter jet, go up three sizes

What the &%$#@! happened with this posting?

richen your fuel screw by turning it outwards. also, buy a new pilot jet as old was just jam up. buy a range for the weather you typically ride in.

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