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99 kx 250 w/ 96 1st gear problems.....

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So my old 99 kx 250 took a shart and blew the piston skirt. So I buy all new parts (crank, case bearings, piston......etc.) and a transmission from a 96 kx.

My plan, swap in the 1st and second gear from the 96. I put the cases back together and they slip together like butter! im thinking yes!! im golden....but oh no the transmission shafts will not turn (Mother F$#@er!). How ever they will turn if I tap the countershaft sprocket with a hammer. So it seems like my transmission is in right but something is not clearanced right.

Any suggestions on this?

All my case bearings are new and this is about the 4th time I had to split the cases because I forgot something. Im getting sick of it and im currently listing it on CL because I have given up on this bastard bike. But I dont want to sell it with a fubard transmission.

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