Hulk front brake on YZ125 (CRF + 320mm)


I have 06 YZ125 since winter 2009.


Bike is great but stock braking power is weak.


In autumn 2010 i buy oversize Braking 270mm floating wave disc rotor + bracket.

Stopping is not much better! But disc is new, not worn like OEM.


In 2012 i put 2007 CRF 450R parts: front MC, hose, hose clamp, and caliper+pads


But before few day i sell that system and put a new "monster" setup

320mm Motomaster disc rotor + 2010 CRF 450R front Master Cylinder, hose, caliper (same as 2007 parts)

Here is Motomaster 320mm adaptor for stock bracket, but i sell that adapter and made them (better) homemade :D



Need to make new hole (with thread) on stock 05-07 YZ bracket to use with 320mm


making lower mount support




and ready, steady, go


huge bitch


Stay tuned!

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Holy crap, you have some muscle atrophy going on? I would figure the 270 mm, was good enough, and adding the CRF system (I have that as well) would even kill some factory bikes, but you went 11 here... :thumbsup:


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That is nuts!! I bet it stops on a dime now.

no muscle atrophy here. I want 320 rotor, and it is unique. Wait for warm weather to test that monster brake :D

Just don't take it through any ruts or by any rocks.

Just don't take it through any ruts or by any rocks.

jes, know that, thanks, no problem.

It has 35mm less ground clearence than original 250mm, ( 25 less tan 270) but i will watch ;)

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