what pipe 13 kx250f

hi guys,

first post here, i am looking to fit a new pipe to my 13 kx250f but i am unsure what to buy, the options are akrapovic full system, dubach full system, pro circuit t5 silencer only (due to cost) or yoshimura.

apparently the dubach pipe performs better than the pro circuit full system however i was wondering if anyone can confirm this? i would also like to know how the akra and yoshi pipes do on the kxf.


wondering the same just picked up a 2013 kx250f!

I have the akrapovic on my 13 . It adds great mid to top end power but i think you loose a bit of bottom end power over stock pipe! As long as you keep the bike in a higher rpm its a fantastic exhaust. And i personally think that they look the best of all the pipes !

A friend has the yoshi and he said its a good all round pipe . Like a better , stronger standard pipe.


Well if you had the money for the t5 my buddy has the 12 kx250f and he said the t5 is amazing through all gears he can see a difference but the cost is way to much!

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