LA-B to LV 7 days!

Are you ready? See ya out there, hoping for no dust! :)

Woooo-hoooooo.......rain, dust, snow, I'm ready, lets ride!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :)

Am I ever ready?! I just need my forks back from Fineline(Huntington Beach, Ca.)on Monday. New rods(they were bent), bushings, seals .46 Eibach Springs, and all serviced for about $440.00. $260.00 cheaper than Race Tech!

Thanks for keeping the economy moving! LOL Yep when it comes to the toys every expense is ok and justifyable! See you there. Look for the WR400 with New Mexico plates (MO4333), I'll be wearing a red and silver Belstaff jacket. Say hello! Beer? :):D

Sure thing, but after the first day. Just look for the guy with the red rookie "X" on the back of his helmet, and an all white XR400.

Route maps for both days are now posted:

Check the LA-B2V section. There is an easy, and a hard/long route for each day. Bring it on! :)

So the straight route on day one and the route that stays next to highway 15 on day two are the easy ways? :)

Yep! But seeing on how it's not a race anymore, who wants to be the first one there? They will know you took the easy way. :D

Both longer routes are just that...longer. It might wear on you, but give it a try, as you won't be the only one going the long route. I'm in a group of 10, yes I said 10, riders.

Reduce your chances of getting a flat by installing a Moose Heavy-Duty Tube in both wheels, and carry a spare front tube as it will work in both!

We are going to have a blast! :)

Oh, I'm going the long way- I've just never seen two different courses before. I guess you'll pick which chart you want at the start of the ride? Because it doesn't look like there could be any easy/hard splits. Plus, it doesn't look like the course hits Afton Canyon (the infamous water crossing).

But Corey, there is no shame in someone coming out and riding the shorter route. Not everyone is riding a dirt bike converted into a street bike. There are some interesting motorcycles going to Vegas!

Riding with ten other riders will be fun, but there is a proportionally better chance of bike problems... :)

See you there. Vegas or bust.

Not everyone is riding a dirt bike converted into a street bike.

Ah, but we all have blinkers, mirrors, extra switches, and I can see myself riding with the turn signal on most of the way :D

Riding with ten other riders will be fun, but there is a proportionally better chance of bike problems... :D

I think this will turn into rider problems instead.

I'm more concerned with it starting off real cold(I can deal with it), and then getting hotter("Hey mister, can you hold my jacket?"). I'm layering, and I'll have a backpack that to put things in. As long as I'm moving, the cold doesn't bother me. With our rookie luck we'll get an Indian Summer* that weekend, as the weather doesn't know what to do right now.



is not an option for this ride, so we'll see you there. Monkey-Butt :D and all! Just as long as I can find a liquor store that sells Guinness, I'll be going, "Aahhhh!" :D

* Indian Summer. For those that don't know, is a heatwave in the middle of winter, and we get a few out here with temps in the 80's. For those of you in the 9th grade and working on reports, this is the correct way to use a footnote! :)

the posted maps are not the course maps for either days rides

they are merely showing the perimeter of the area that the ride will take place in.

this is useful for those riders with gps so that they can load the detailed map sections for these areas into thier gps's before they come to signup where they will then get the tracks of the course itself. :)

Seriously? :)

YES!! :)

That would make sence. Imagine how long that upper perimeter would take on both days. Duh! :)

Well I just keep the old fort down and the lights on on the west coast.....hope you guys have a great time!!! :):D :D

We'll miss you, WR400Rock, and expect to see you next year!

Weather Report of today...

Weather for Friday:

Lancaster 60/35 mostly cloudy.

Barstow 61/38 mostly cloudy.

Weather for Saturday:

Barstow 61/32 chance of rain in the AM.

Las Vegas 58/40 chance of showers.

Updates daily, as I have nothing better to do! :)

Next year I'm gonna rig up an emergency flasher switch and ride with it on the whole way there.

You go boy! :)

Corey, when I started riding in the dez this AM at 9:00 it was 43 and gusty winds. It warmed up to maybe around the mid fifty's by 2 or so and was 40 when I quit riding at 4:00p. Dress warm.

I hear you, as I was freezing today, but I was still in shorts. The dry wind amplifies the temperature drastically. Just add a little rain, and it might snow! Bring it all on! I'm ready, except for my forks.

I was literally laying on the floor just now laughing, thinking about you guys doing this perimeter "scenic ride". :D :D, stop, stop it hurts. The posts kept getting deeper and deeper till bmguyver saved you.

The way our group of 10 or so is going to ride is based on our positioning on the course. If we're getting behind, we'll take leaps and bail outs as needed. As far as the water crossing, it's no big deal, just stay to the right.....I mean the left......the middle? Oh, just go! One thing though. At the water crossing do not, DO NOT, cross the tracks or take the trestles. Last year alot of people did(me inclided) and a few were caught on the bridge, literally holding onto the bridge like a bug as the train belw past at 90 mph. At that speed you hardly have time to move and if the wind is right, you wont hear it. Follow your roll chart , even if you're in a group. Dont rely on the leader to make the right turn,(follow him if he does, make a mental note) seasoned d/s'ers know this well. Keep up with turns and hazards, closed gates, YES!, closed gates and washouts. For 2 days dump everything else in your head and get into the ride, you'll be hooked! Look what it did to Corey and he hasn't even done it yet. (the ride........well not too sure about the other either!) :D:):D

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