Clutch basket wear on the outside of the basket

Hey guys, I took my clutch out today to go through it and check how everything is looking and of course I have some notching in the basket and inner hub which I am taking care of. Im just filing the clutch basket to get me by for now and buying a new inner hub from pro-x. While I was filing the clutch basket I noticed that there is wear around the outside of the clutch basket on the surface closest to the sprocket on the back. Is there a reason for wear like this? Something that I should worry about? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

stock or aftermarket basket?

It is a stock basket

check the basket for play against the gear.

post a pic. best way to get a guestimate

Here is a picture of the clutch basket wear I am talking about. Could the needle bearing get worn out on the shaft the basket rides on and cause movement maybe?


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